About your instructor


Jim Berry - Personal training

USCCA Instructor training 2014 - now a USCCA certified instructor
Lethal Force Institute LFI-1 course -  December 2008.
Suarez International - 2009-2012
Point Shooting Progressions taught by Roger Phillips
Force-on-Force taught by Richard Coplin
Combat Pistol Instructor Course taught by Gabe Suarez
   Advanced Point Shooting Progressions - Roger Phillips
Low Light Force-on-Force Gunfighting - Randy Harris
Fighting Rifle Skills taught by Randy Harris
Close Range Gunfighting taught by Randy Harris
Glock Armorer taught by Randy Harris
Shotgun Gunfighting taught by Randy Harris
AK47 Rifle Gunfighting taught by Randy Harris
NRA Instructor courses - Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home, and Range Safety Officer
NRA Courses - Personal Protection Outside the Home
Affiliate Instructor United States Concealed Carry Association - Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

Belson Associates 
One day Basic with Defensive Tactics course
Two day Close Quarter Defensive Tactics advanced
Front Sight 4 day pistol courses  - multiple times
Two day tactical and self defense shooting course using HexSite®  - taught by Tim Sheehan  the developer of the HexSite®
Working relationship with the Head of the Police Academy in Stockton, California. This academy uses AirSoft pistols equipped with HexSite®s in the training of police cadets.
Taught how to use an AirSoft pistol equipped with a HexSite® when conducting a training program
Qualified to conduct training and seminars regarding the use of the HexSite®.



Teaching Experience:
U.S. Army Security Agency Intelligence School
National Security Agency - National Cryptologic School. 
Teach NRA pistol courses
Developed and teach all of the JB Training LLC courses
Teaches all United States Concealed Carry Association courses on concealed carry and home defense

Work Experience
1958-1961 - U.S. Army Security Agency
1963-1998 Retired from National Security Agency in 1998 with 37 years of Federal Service.
1998-2000 – Consultant to the Intelligence Community
2001-2003 – System Engineer SAIC
Current - Chief Instructor and Owner of JB Training LLC

Formal Education
BA - University of Maryland
MS - American University
MPA  - University of Southern California
Certifications in Education and Training, Analysis, and Computer Science - Professionalization program operated by National Security Agency

Firearms experience
Started  shooting at age 12 with shotgun and 22 rifle
Avid upland game and deer hunter with shotgun and rifle 
Pistol competition at Ft. Meade MD using 38 Caliber revolver, 22 pistol and a 19ll pistol
Rifle competition with M1 Garand rifle at Ft. Meade, MD.
Shoot different pistols and rifles on a regular basiis

Shooting low cover

Shooting from a car

Rifle shooting

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