AK 47
The most common assault rifle in the world is the AK47 and its variants. This rifle is known for its robust design and resultant reliability.  As such the AK 47 must be given serious consideration for inclusion in a rifle collection that is intended to be used for protecting one's home and the lives of those you love.  Almost anyone can learn to handle and shoot it and unlike other guns this one can handle mistreatment and poor quality upkeep.

The purpose of the AK47 course is to provide the participant with the knowledge needed to operate, maintain, and shoot an AK47.  Also covered will be additions or modifications that increase the usefullness of this weapon.

AK 47 Course
1. History
2. AK47 parts
3. Field stripping an AK 47
4. Cleaning and lubrication of an AK 47
5. Reassembly of an AK 47
6. Ammunition 
7. Magazines
8. AK sights
9. Loading and unloading an AK 47
10.  Firing an AK 47